“Allow myself to introduce… myself.”

Austin Powers (Mike Myers) in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997, dir. Jay Roach)

About Us

So, what exactly is Film Feeder? Sure, it’s a website containing reviews and previews of all the latest films, but to editor Jack Martin, it’s so much more than that: it is a project many years in the making, one that enables him to properly communicate his unwavering passion for film.

Born in October 1992, Jack showed his keen interest in film from an early age, to where – instead of a teddy bear or any other stuffed animal – he regularly slept with his parents’ VHS copy of The Last of the Mohicans! Of course, he wasn’t allowed to actually watch Michael Mann’s heavily violent epic at the time, so a healthy appetite of Disney movies sufficed instead!

When he was 2½ years old, Jack was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. Those aware of the condition may already know the struggles one may face with communication skills and the difficulty to make sense of the world outside their general interests (in Jack’s case, it was film), but as Jack got older he found it incredibly easy to convey his thoughts and emotions by correlating them with all the wondrous movies he was watching, which helped him become more confident and sociable amongst his peers at school and beyond.

At the age of nine, with his burning knowledge of all the latest films coming out at the cinema, as well as his newly acquired skills in Microsoft Publisher, Jack began creating a “Movie Newsletter” about all the new movies to get excited about, and then printing them out to give to all his classmates. He didn’t care if they just threw them away straight after being handed them, he was just happy to finally be sharing his views on film with anyone who cared to listen. Thus, the seeds for Film Feeder were planted.

Some years later, as Jack headed into Sixth Form for his A-Levels, he rebranded his publication as the more alliterate “Film Feeder”, and focused article after article on the most noteworthy releases coming out every month (you can read our entire archive of PDFs by clicking here). Reviews weren’t included until some time later, but as soon as they were a whole new world of possibilities opened up for him, namely the idea of writing his own, unique thoughts on everything he saw.

Eventually, Jack enrolled at Solent University in Southampton, where he studied an undergraduate course in Screenwriting (which sadly no longer exists at that institution), and while he did well overall, graduating with a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree, Jack decided to make plans for his future by upgrading Film Feeder from a mere PDF publication to a live website, and in September 2013 Film Feeder finally made its online debut!

In the ten years since first launching the site, Jack has dedicated his time and energy into writing and publishing various reviews and previews of a wide variety of film releases each and every week. In that time, he also went back to university, this time at Oxford Brookes, to study his Masters degree in Film Studies: Popular Cinema – in which he gained an overall Distinction grade, as well as an award for his 15,000 word dissertation!

Today, Jack continues to write and publish his own work on Film Feeder, always keeping an eye out for what’s coming to screens everywhere, and thriving in his dedication to communicate to the world his unique, intelligent, and articulate thoughts on film.