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REVIEW: The Equalizer 3 (2023, dir. Antoine Fuqua)

The Equalizer 3 is an uneven final entry in the vigilante trilogy that suffers from a slow and sleepy pace that makes most of the action feel unengaging or subdued to a fault, but it is made less mundane by an ever-charismatic lead turn by Denzel Washington, and his charming on-screen chemistry with Dakota Fanning.

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REVIEW: Vacation Friends 2 (2023, dir. Clay Tarver)

Vacation Friends 2 is an awful comedy sequel that contains no laughs, no heart, no charm (even from its main cast, who can’t replicate their easy chemistry from the previous film), and no reason for it to exist other than to give its filmmakers an excuse to go on a luxurious holiday while putting zero effort into making a product with substance.

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REVIEW: The Blackening (2023, dir. Tim Story)

The Blackening is an amusing Black-led parody of slasher movies that offers some thoughtful and funny commentary on Black culture, which a game cast helps steer out of some hit-or-miss gags and some formulaic trappings.

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