This Week’s Movie Menu (10 – 16 June 2024)

We’ve got a whole new load of movies to make you feel joyful, sad, angry, fearful etc, especially when they’re led by a long-awaited sequel to a particularly emotional animated classic…

Movie of the Week


Inside Out 2 (2024, dir. Kelsey Mann)

CAST: Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Tony Hale, Liza Lapira, Maya Hawke, Ayo Edebiri, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Paul Walter Hauser, Kensington Tallman, Diane Lane, Kyle MacLachlan, Lilimar, Paula Pell, Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green, Grace Lu, Yvette Nicole Brown, John Ratzenberger, June Squibb, Ron Funches, Yong Yea, Sarayu Blue, Flea, Dave Goelz, James Austin Johnson, Bobby Moynihan, Frank Oz, Paula Poundstone, Kendall Coyne Schofield, Kirk Thatcher

CREW: Kelsey Mann (director), Dave Holstein and Meg LeFauve (writers), Mark Nielsen (producer), Andrea Datzman (composer), Adam Habib and Jonathan Pytko (cinematographers), Maurissa Horwitz (editor)

PLOT: As young Riley (Tallman) enters teenhood, her emotions Joy (Poehler), Sadness (Smith), Anger (Black), Fear (Hale) and Disgust (Lapira) appear to have everything under control. However, the unexpected arrival of new emotions like Anxiety (Hawke), Evy (Edebiri), Ennui (Exarchopoulos) and Embarrassment (Hauser) complicate things significantly…


  • Pixar’s follow-up to their Oscar-winning 2015 critical and audience darling continues to chart a young girl’s complex emotions as she enters a frightening new era: adolescence!
  • Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith and Lewis Black return to voice Joy, Sadness and Anger (with Tony Hale and Liza Lapira replacing Bill Hader and Mindy Kaling as Fear and Disgust respectively)
  • There are quite a handful of troublesome new emotions to deal with, from Maya Hawke’s Anxiety to Ayo Edebiri’s Envy, all of whom make young Riley’s life even more complicated than it already is
  • We get to visit plenty of new locations within the teenager’s mind, as well as revisiting some memorable locations from the previous film
  • With plenty of smart comedy and – yes – emotional character moments, this is a worthy sequel to a modern animated classic

Inside Out 2 is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024

What’s Showing in Cinemas This Week?


Freud’s Last Session (2024, dir. Matthew Brown)

CAST: Anthony Hopkins, Matthew Goode, Liv Lisa Fries, Jodi Balfour, Jeremy Northam, Orla Brady

CREW: Matthew Brown (director, writer, producer), Mark St. Germain (writer), Alan Greisman, Hannah Leader, Tristan Orphen Lynch, Rick Nicita, Robert Stillman and Meg Thomson (producers), Coby Brown (composer), Ben Smithard (cinematographer), Paul Tothill (editor)

PLOT: In 1939, as Britain prepares for war with Germany, Oxford don C.S. Lewis (Goode) arrives at the London home of renowned German psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud (Hopkins), where they debate several topics from sex to religion, which Lewis has recently embraced…


  • Two exceptional minds clash with one another in this intimate and quietly profound historical drama
  • The film, based on Mark St. Germain’s play of the same name, depicts a fictional meeting between the infamous found of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, and The Chronicles of Narnia author C.S. Lewis
  • Oscar-winner Anthony Hopkins plays Freud opposite Matthew Goode’s Lewis, and both actors deliver some outstanding turns that are equally compelling
  • It dives into some heavy topics concerning the radically different lives of both men, including their stance on religion which draws particularly heavy divide between them
  • For anyone wanting to see what would happen if these two clashing personalities were put in the same room, then this should provide your answer!

Freud’s Last Session is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Sasquatch Sunset (2024, dirs. David Zellner and Nathan Zellner)

CAST: Riley Keough, Jesse Eisenberg, Christophe Zajac-Denek, Nathan Zellner

CREW: David Zellner (director, writer, producer, editor), Nathan Zellner (director, producer, editor), Tyler Campellone, Jesse Eisenberg, David Harrari, Lars Knudsen and George Rush (producers), The Octopus Project (composers), Mike Gioulakis (cinematographer), Daniel Tarr (editor)

PLOT: Deep in the forests of Northern California lives a small clan of nomadic Sasquatches – a male (Eisenberg), a female (Keough), her child (Zajac-Denek), and the alpha male (Zellner) – who, over the course of a year, attempt to live their peaceful lives…


  • Prepare to see the fabled Sasquatch as you’ve never seen it before, in an odd yet endearing slice-of-life drama with a very hairy twist
  • Actors Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough are completely unrecognisable under layers of heavy make-up that turn them into the mythical beings themselves
  • The film has almost no dialogue, with the actors communicating through grunts and feral activity, which makes it a unique bit of visual storytelling
  • Filmmaker brothers David and Nathan Zellner, previously of cult hits like Kimiko, the Treasure Hunter, apply a surprisingly sweet nature to their story of isolation and desire for connection
  • It might not win over everyone, but for those willing to give non-verbal forest-dwellers like the Sasquatch a chance, it may well be an unexpected delight

Sasquatch Sunset is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Hounds (2024, dir. Kamal Lazraq)

CAST: Ayoub Elaid, Abdellatif Masstouri, Mohamed Hmimsa, Abdellah Lebkiri, Lahcen Zaimouzen, Salah Bensalah, Mohammed Kharbouchi

CREW: Kamal Lazraq (director, writer), Saïd Hamich (producer), Pauline Rambeau de Baralon (composer), Amine Berrada (cinematographer), Stéphane Myczkowski and Héloïse Pelloquet (editors)

PLOT: In the suburbs of Casablanca, Hassan (Masstouri) and his son Issam (Elaid) earn a living by committing a string of petty crimes for the local mob. However, after a kidnapping goes horribly wrong, father and son must find a way to come out the other side with their lives intact…


  • This tense Moroccan crime thriller raises the stakes for its deeply connected central duo
  • Leads Ayoud Elaid and Abdellatif Masstouri are among the many non-professional actors hired to bring authenticity to their roles
  • Filmmaker Kamal Lazraq injects considerable amounts of energy into a pressure-cooker plot that is nail-biting to say the least
  • It debuted at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, under the Un Certain Regard banner which also included Molly Manning Walker’s How to Have Sex, among others
  • Its harsh depiction of violence and patriarchal themes almost make it Morocco’s answer to Good Time or Uncut Gems, which should please fans of those Safdie Brothers films!

Hounds is showing in cinemas (and will be available to rent exclusively on Curzon Home Cinema) from Friday 14 June 2024


Unsung Hero (2024, dirs. Richard Ramsey and Joel Smallbone)

CAST: Daisy Betts, Joel Smallbone, Kirrilee Berger, Jonathan Jackson, Lucas Black, Candace Cameron Bure, Terry O’Quinn, Diesel La Torraca, JJ Pantano, Hillary Scott, Lance E. Nichols, Roslyn Gentle, Kevin Downes, Rachel Hendrix, Lily Lumpkin, Don Most, Libby Smallbone, Rebecca St. James, Beau Wirick

CREW: Richard Ramsey and Joel Smallbone (directors, writers), Luke Smallbone, Justin Tolley and Josh Walsh (producers), Brent McCorkle (composer), Johnny Derango (cinematographer), Parker Adams (editor)

PLOT: In 1991, Helen (Betts) and David Smallbone (J. Smallbone) move their family from Australia to Tennessee, in order to start a new life. Soon, their unwavering faith and determination propel them forward, with some of the children venturing into the world of music…


  • You won’t find more wholesome entertainment than this endearing and inspirational family drama
  • Joel Smalbone, who makes up one-half of Christian pop duo For King & Country (with brother Luke making up the second half), makes his debut as both a director and a writer, alongside Richard Ramsey
  • Smallbone also acts in the film as his own father David, in a film that charts his parents’ mission to provide for their family after moving entire continents
  • The film was partially produced by Kingdom Story Company, the faith-based production company behind previous hits like Jesus Revolution and Ordinary Angels
  • If you’re looking for something to lift your spirits, look no further than this delightful story of family and faith

Unsung Hero is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Arcadian (2024, dir. Benjamin Brewer)

CAST: Nicolas Cage, Jaeden Martell, Maxwell Jenkins, Sadie Soverall, Samantha Coughlan, Joe Dixon, Joel Gillman

CREW: Benjamin Brewer (director), Mike Nilon (writer, producer), Nicolas Cage, Arianne Fraser, Delphine Perrier, Braxton Pope and David M. Wulf (producers), Kristin Gundred and Josh Martin (composers), Frank Mobilio (cinematographer), Kristi Shimek (editor)

PLOT: In a future where normal life has been decimated by mysterious creatures, Paul (Cage) lives a tranquil life in a remote farmhouse with his twin sons Thomas (Jenkins) and Joseph (Martell), where they routinely board up the house every night to protect themselves from the creatures’ wrath. However, when one of his sons doesn’t come home one evening, Paul must set out to bring him home before it’s too late…


  • This intense horror-thriller explores what would happen if you put Nicolas Cage in a situation not too unlike A Quiet Place, and the results are nothing short of glorious
  • Cage puts in as fierce a performance as you’d expect from the screen legend, as a father bound to his sons at the end of the world
  • It star Jaeden Martell and Lost in Space’s Maxwell Jenkins are equally impressive as Cage’s sons, with their shared bond providing a heartfelt centre to the terrifying atmosphere
  • The filmmaking, by director Benjamin Brewer, captures the fear and paranoia of its central characters through shaky camerawork and tightly-wound editing
  • The family drama neatly compliments the scarier creature-feature happening alongside it, creating an unnerving but emotional post-apocalyptic experience

Arcadian is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Wilding (2024, dir. David Allen)

CAST: Isabella Tree, Charlie Burrell, Matthew Collyer, Rhiannon Neads

CREW: David Allen (director), Gaby Bastyra (producer), Jon Hopkins (composer), Tim Cragg and Simon De Glanville (cinematographers), Mark Fletcher (editor)

PLOT: Isabella Tree and her husband Charlie Burrell inherit the 3,500-acre Knepp Estate in West Sussex, which has been deemed a dying landscape. The couple soon decide to give the land back to nature, removing all the fences, chemicals, fertilisers and more to give it a chance to grow, and become a truly inhabitable place for livestock and other aspects of wildlife…


  • Witness an incredible feat of nature in this inspiring documentary about the importance of our environment
  • The film is based on subject Isabella Tree’s successful book about her and husband Charlie Burrell’s wilding experiment on a piece of barren land
  • It charts the project’s growth from its initial development to the wide-reaching utopia that it has become known as today
  • Several animals get their glorious moments on camera, including pigs, sheep, cows, and even beavers!
  • For environmentalists, it shows a hopeful truth that nature can bounce back in the most hostile of places, without the aid of human-made tools or chemicals

Wilding is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Sorcery (2023, dir. Christopher Murray)

CAST: Valentina Véliz Caileo, Daniel Antivilo, Sebastian Hülk, Daniel Muñoz, Neddiel Muñoz Millalonco

CREW: Christopher Murray (director, writer), Pablo Paredes (writer), Nicolás Celis, Viola Fügen, Rocío Jadue, Juan de Dios Larraín, Pablo Larraín and Michael Weber (producers), Leonardo Heiblum (composer), María Secco (cinematographer), Paloma López (editor)

PLOT: In the late 19th century, Rosa (Caileo) is a young indigenous girl on the remote island of Chiloé, where she lives and works on a farm run by German colonists. After her father is brutally murdered by the landowner, Rosa turns to a group of powerful witches for vengeance…


  • Both a supernaturally intwined revenge story and a harsh exploration of colonial abuse, this Chilean historical thriller takes many surprising turns that are simply enchanting
  • Filmmaker Christopher Murray embraces indigenous traditions of the Chiloé Archipelago for an intensely satisfying film where you’ll be rooting for the powerful local forces
  • It takes some inspiration from a real-life case where members of the Recta Provincia organization were accused by the state of witchcraft
  • Acclaimed Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín is listed as one of the producers on the film, which made a significant splash at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival where it debuted in the World Film Dramatic Competition
  • With its mysterious and sinister nature, it will make a strong double-feature with Robert Eggers’ supernatural chiller The Witch

Sorcery is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Next Sohee (2023, dir. July Jung)

CAST: Bae Doona, Kim Si-eun, Sim Hee-seop, Park Woo-young, Yoo Jung-ho, Choi Hee-jin, Jung Hoe-rin, Kim Woo-kyum, Song Yo-sep

CREW: July Jung (director, writer), Kim Dong-ha and Kim Ji-yeon (producers), Jang Young-gyu (composer), Kim Il-yeon (cinematographer), Lee Young-im (editor)

PLOT: In South Korea, high school student Sohee (Si-eun) begins training for a job at a call centre, but the cruel abuse of her company toward her and other trainees leads to a tragic outcome, which leads police detective Yoojin (Doona) to uncover an unsettling truth…


  • Ken Loach would be proud of South Korean writer-director July Jung’s drama that highlights the exploitative and abusive practises of companies, and their immense contribution to employees’ mental health
  • You’ll be moved to tears by the emotional journey that its two wildly different protagonists go on, connected firmly by an unfortunately common case of company malpractice
  • Bae Doona, recently seen in Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon two-parter, delivers a powerfully quiet performance as a detective investigating a truly tragic case
  • It highlights the underappreciation and pressure that low-status workers often have to endure from employers, members of the public, and so on
  • While it may be emotionally difficult to watch, the rewards are smart, calculated, and above all respectful toward those effected by frequent neglect in the workplace

Next Sohee is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Àma Gloria (2023, dir. Marie Amachoukeli)

CAST: Louise Mauroy-Panzani, Ilça Moreno, Abnara Gomes Varela, Fredy Gomes Tavares, Arnaud Rebotini, Domingos Borges Almeida Marc Lafont, Bastien Ehouzan, Delfi Rodrigues Dos Sanches, Manuel José Sovares, Denis Ortega Acevedo, Sidney Cardoso

CREW: Marie Amachoukeli (director, writer), Bénédicte Couvreur (producer), Fanny Martin (composer), Inès Tabarin (cinematographer), Suzana Pedro (editor)

PLOT: Cléo (Mauroy-Panzani), a six-year-old girl, loves her nanny Gloria (Moreno) more than anything. When Gloria is suddenly called home Cape Verde to look after her own children, she invites young Cléo to come with her for one final summer together…


  • A loving bond between a young girl and her adoring nanny is the emotional centre of this moving and sometimes heartbreaking drama
  • Two astonishing performances by Louise Mauroy-Panzani and Ilça Moreno, both making their acting debuts, light the way in writer-director Marie Amachoukeli’s narrative
  • Producer Bénédicte Couvreur, known for his films with acclaimed French auteur Céline Sciamma such as Portrait of a Lady on Fire and Tomboy, transfers that grounded naturalistic energy to this project
  • Since opening last year’s Cannes Critics’ Week, it has become a favourite among audiences at film festivals across the world
  • It’s hard not to be touched by this captivating study of childhood and the people who shape us along the way

Àma Gloria is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024 (and will be available to rent exclusively on BFI Player from Monday 22 July 2024)


Treasure (2023, dir. Julia von Heinz)

CAST: Lena Dunham, Stephen Fry, Zbigniew Zamachowski, Oliver Ewy, David Krzysteczko

CREW: Julia von Heinz (director, writer, producer), John Quester (writer), Lena Dunham and Fabian Gasmia (producers), Mary Komasa and Antoni Lazarkiewicz (composers), Daniela Knapp (cinematographer), Sandie Bompar (editor)

PLOT: In 1991, American music journalist Ruth (Dunham) travels to Poland with her stubborn father Edek (Fry), a Holocaust survivor, but while Ruth is keen to make sense of her family history, Edek has his own disruptive agenda…


  • Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry form the year’s unlikeliest pairing thus far in this droll comedy-drama that tackles some sensitive historical subjects
  • Such subjects include the trauma of surviving a horrific event like the Holocaust, along with the reformation of post-Communist Europe after the fall of the USSR
  • Filmmaker Julia von Heinz injects light humour into her exploration of these rather heavy topics, but never to a point where it threatens to cheapen the whole emotional experience
  • Most of all, a pair of winning performances from Dunham and Fry seal the deal with their bright and unusual chemistry
  • It’s a road-trip movie that may have you weeping a few times, either from its moving themes or its awkward comedy

Treasure is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


The Moor (2024, dir. Chris Cronin)

CAST: Sophia La Porta, David Edward-Robertson, Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips, Bernard Hill, Mark Peachey, Vicki Hackett, Dexter Sol Ansell, Margaret Brearey, Trevor Dwyer-Lynch,   Duggal Ram, Velton Lishke, Mia Vore, Jack Wagman, Mark Williams, Aatif Ati Zafar, Billie Suggett

CREW: Chris Cronin (director, producer), Paul Thomas (writer, producer), Pawel Pracz (producer, editor), Nir Perlman (composer), Sam Cronin (cinematographer)

PLOT: Twenty-five years after her best friend was abducted and murdered, Claire (La Porta) is horrified to learn that her killer is about to be released from prison. She is soon approached by Bill (Edward-Robertson), the boy’s father, and psychic Eleanor (Dormer-Phillips) who plan to venture out into a far-reaching moor where they believe he has been buried, in a ploy to keep the killer imprisoned. However, once within the moor itself, they encounter something truly haunting…


  • You’re in for a terrifying treat with this scary and utterly chilling supernatural horror where nothing is off the table
  • Director Chris Cronin makes a compelling feature debut that creates an unnerving atmosphere that raises tensions to unprecedented levels
  • There are some truly terrified performances from a committed cast that includes Sophia La Porta, previously of the outstanding horror Censor, and the late Lord of the Rings legend Bernard Hill
  • At last year’s FrightFest, the film was awarded the distinction of Best Scare over many other like-minded horrors, so you know that some seriously messed-up stuff is in store here!
  • With a compelling story, creepy environments and a whole lot of scares, this is a horror that you’ll want to revisit again and again

The Moor is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024

What’s Showing At Home This Week?


Ultraman: Rising (2024, dir. Shannon Tindle)

CAST: Christopher Sean, Gedde Watanabe, Tamlyn Tomita, Keone Young, Julia Harriman

CREW: Shannon Tindle (director, writer), Marc Haimes (writer), Tom Knott and Lisa M. Poole (producers), Scot Blackwell Stafford (composer), Bret Marnell (editor)

PLOT: In Japan, egotistical baseball player Ken Sato (Sean) reluctantly lives a double-life as Ultraman, a giant superhero tasked with protecting the city from kaiju threats. One day, he unexpectedly adopts a 35-foot-tall baby kaiju after defeating its mother in combat, and now he must put his ego aside to protect the infant from dark forces…


  • The long-running Ultraman franchise gets a new lease of life as it undergoes a stylish animated makeover
  • This adventure is designed to win over Western audiences who may be unfamiliar with the Japanese brand, which has spawned several TV shows, manga, video games and more than 40 feature films
  • Shannon Tindle, an animator and designer who has worked on classic animated films like Coraline, Megamind and Kubo and the Two Strings, makes his directorial debut here
  • It boasts some eye-popping visuals and exciting kaiju action, provided by the good folks over at visual effects firm Industrial Light & Magic
  • For families, it’s a thrilling superhero adventure that will unlock the imagination and take it to awesome new heights

Ultraman: Rising is streaming exclusively on Netflix from Friday 14 June 2024


The Prank (2024, dir. Maureen Bharoocha)

CAST: Rita Moreno, Connor Kalopsis, Ramona Young, Keith David, Kate Flannery, Meredith Salenger, Jonathan Kimmel, Nathan Janak, Betsy Sodaro, Romel De Silva

CREW: Maureen Bharoocha (director), Rebecca Flinn-White and Zak White (writers), Steven J. Wolfe (producer), Deron Johnson (composer), Mathew Rudenberg (cinematographer), Sarah C. Reeves (editor)

PLOT: Ben (Kalopsis), a high school student, needs to earn good grades in order to obtain a scholarship, but his strict physics teacher Mrs. Wheeler (Moreno) threatens to fail the entire class after she discovers that one of her students cheated on an exam. Reeling from the decision, Ben and his best friend Tanner (Young) hatch a plan to frame Mrs. Wheeler for the murder of a missing student, only for things to take an unexpected turn…


  • Screen legend Rita Moreno brings to life a truly monstrous teacher that makes Paul Giamatti in The Holdovers look like Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society!
  • The EGOT winner acts opposite younger performers Connor Kalopsis and Ramona Young in a darkly funny battle of wits
  • It escalates to surprising and even shocking levels as more facts are revealed that put everything in a whole new light
  • Director Maureen Bharoocha has fun with the concept of social media and its destructive capabilities
  • It leads to an ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat, as well as doubtless of the legendary Moreno’s acting prowess

The Prank is available to rent/buy on digital platforms from Monday 10 June 2024

What’s Returning to Cinemas This Week?


The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974, dir. Tobe Hooper)

CAST: Marilyn Burns, Allen Danziger, Paul A. Partain, William Vail, Teri McMinn, Edwin Neal, Jim Siedow, Gunnar Hansen, John Dugan, Robert Courtin, William Creamer, John Henry Faulk, Jerry Green, Ed Guinn, Joe Bill Hogan, Perry Lorenz, John Larroquette

CREW: Tobe Hooper (director, writer, producer, composer), Kim Henkel (writer), Wayne Bell (composer), Daniel Pearl (cinematographer), Larry Carroll and Sallye Richardson (editors)

PLOT: Five friends – Sally (Burns), Jerry (Danziger), Pam (McMinn), Kirk (Vail) and Franklin (Partain) – are travelling across Texas to visit a family member’s grave. When they run out of gas, they end up at a seemingly abandoned house where a terrifying presence lurks…


  • Tobe Hooper’s terrifying masterpiece celebrates its 50th anniversary with an all-new 4K restoration
  • The film was made for less than $140,000 (equivalent to just under $1 million in today’s currency), and brought in $30 million at the box office, which until John Carpenter’s Halloween was one of the most profitable horror movies ever
  • Though initial reception was mixed, today it is seen as a horror movie classic that sets the template for most slashers afterwards, and is revered for its disturbing practical effects and documentary-style filmmaking
  • The film was originally banned in several countries including the UK, Australia, Sweden and others (which were of course reversed much later)
  • This is an exceptional horror that’s gritty and disturbing, and should be seen on the big screen by any horror enthusiast

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994, dir. Stephan Elliott)

CAST: Terence Stamp, Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce, Bill Hunter, Sarah Chadwick, Mark Holmes, Julia Cortez, Ken Radley, Daniel Kellie, Leighton Picken

CREW: Stephan Elliott (director, writer), Al Clark and Michael Hamlyn (producers), Guy Gross (composer), Brian J. Breheny (cinematographer), Sue Blainey (editor)

PLOT: In Australia, drag queens Tick/Mitzi (Weaving) and Adam/Felicia (Pearce), along with their transgender friend Bernadette (Stamp), travel from Sydney to the remote town of Alice Springs in a tour bus dubbed “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”…


  • The Australian road trip comedy makes a fabulous return to cinemas in time for its 30th anniversary
  • It was one of the first mainstream films to introduce LGBTQ+ themes to audiences, and is often regarded as the quintessential camp classic
  • Hugo Weaving and Guy Pearce gained international attention for their roles in the film, while Terence Stamp earned BAFTA and Golden Globe nominations for his role as a transgender woman
  • The film has become embedded in popular culture, inspiring everything from drag performances to stage musicals to a recently-announced sequel with the original cast reprising their roles
  • With its positive representation of LGBTQ+ figures, along with its utterly crowd-pleasing energy, it’s a film that demands to be experienced at the cinema with an audience!

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024


Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1994, dir. Leonard Nimoy)

CAST: William Shatner, DeForest Kelley, James Doohan, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Judith Anderson, Robin Curtis, Christopher Lloyd, Mark Lenard, Merritt Butrick, Leonard Nimoy, Carl Steven, Vadia Potenza, Stephen Manley, Joe W. Davis, Robert Hooks, James B. Sikking, Miguel Ferrer, Phillip R. Allen, John Larroquette, Catherine Shirriff

CREW: Leonard Nimoy (director), Harve Bennett (writer, producer), James Horner (composer), Charles Correll (cinematographer), Robert F. Shugrue (editor)

PLOT: After Spock (Nimoy) sacrifices his life to save Captain James T. Kirk (Shatner) and the crew of the USS Enterprise, they return to Earth where the ship is to be decommissioned. However, when Dr. Leonard McCoy (Kelley) begins acting strangely, Kirk learns that Spock’s spirit is being held in his mind, prompting Kirk and his crew to steal the Enterprise and set out to locate Spock’s body for a ritual on Spock’s planet Vulcan, only to come across a hostile Klingon ship in the process…


  • The third film in the Star Trek movie series is being beamed back into cinemas with a brand-new 4K upgrade to mark its 40th anniversary
  • Leonard Nimoy became the first original cast member to direct one of the feature-length adventures, after his iconic character Spock seemingly met his demise in the previous film, The Wrath of Khan
  • It is the second part of a three-movie arc that would conclude with the time-travelling caper Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, which Nimoy would also direct
  • It features some of the film series’ most operatic moments, elevated by Nimoy’s grand direction and a script that features moments which are heart-breaking but also uplifting
  • While it is not as fondly remembered as other classic Star Trek movies, The Search for Spock has plenty of iconic moments that will make any long-time fan squeal with delight

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock is showing in cinemas from Friday 14 June 2024

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Fly Me to the Moon (2024, dir. Greg Berlanti)

In the 1960s, a marketing specialist is brought in to boost NASA’s image…

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Unicorns (2024, dirs. Sally El Hosaini and James Krishna Floyd)

A hardened mechanic falls in love with a drag queen…


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